Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Barbie Paris bound

In follow-up news regarding the stolen Barbie crisis: I decided to re-make the Barbie, but did not re-design a new one. She will be nearly identical to the first. I'll be compensated for the making of Barbie #2 this time (which I felt was important since I was not paid to make the first one.)

I have recently learned that the accessorized Barbie dolls will not be auctioned off in aid of a "charitable association" after all. Instead Mattel has decided they would like to keep the Barbies for their permanent collection. Which I think is really exciting (although sort of unfortunate for charity, hmmm…)

The Barbie dolls' next appearance will be at the THE BOX Trade Show in Pavillon Cambon/Capucines between the March 6th - 9th.

Thank you for all your kind words and supportive thoughts regarding the situation! It meant a lot to know so many people understood the pain and frustration of losing your work in such a way.


Morgan said...

Permanent collection?? WOW! What an honor! I'm sure you will have more charitable opportunities in your future. I'm a big believer in everything working out in the long run. Congratulations! (And the original may very well turn up in the future, with some fabulous story.)

Andrea Kennington said...

I am soooo glad you made a new one. You know how it goes - the second one goes more quickly and problems of the first are resolved and avoided. I hope the thief burns in h*## for stealing the doll.

Love your work - keep on trucking! Andrea