Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What a B****

Valentines weekend was a great-time overall and I'm excited to have hit this big milestone birthday. I am SO ready for my 30's… bring it.

There was one big glitch in the b'day plans however: The Barbie Fashion show at Bryant Park which Mattel had so graciously sent me an invitation to. The only show we ended up seeing however, was the one on the stairs outside the entrance to the event.

After some issues with the trains, Dave and I arrived at Bryant Park at exactly at 3pm, when the show was to start, and were told that they were not letting any more people inside. "Full to capacity" and even if you had an invite, you could forget about getting in. Talk about disappointment! We hung around for a while on the off-chance more people would eventually be let in.

While it would have been exciting to see the show inside the tent, the show outside was equally as entertaining. It was an interesting display of how truly ugly the fashion world is, and I found it fascinating on many levels.

The circus comprised of an impressive array of dolled-up female and male fashionistas proudly accessorized in "holier-than-thou" attitudes, as well as rich white mothers in fur and botox, confused tu-tu clad daughters in tow. And then there was the power-trip security guard. (why is it always that guy? I guess he sort of has to be like that to get the gig, but still…) he obviously needed to puff himself up by enforcing his one and only authority in crushing the hopes of anyone who DARE attempt to pass.

I have to admit, his insults and sarcasm were actually sort of humorous at first: a 100 lb. fashionista would precariously climb the steps in her stilettos and attempt to prove his invisiblity and her importance by ignoring him altogether only to slam into his menacing face breaking the trance between her and her blackberry. "Do you know who I AM!?" she would demand, and he would simply look past her and snipe "nope, and don't care. You're not getting in. Buh-bye." but after watching this happen over and over, and over, it became increasingly upsetting how much he was enjoying this power. I had front row access on those stairs to a parade of some of the fugliest make-up, outfits, and attitudes I've ever experienced here in nyc and quite frankly, have little interest in getting that close to ever again. (A funny article about the over-booked Barbie show can also be read here.)

So eventually we gave up on the idea of ever entering Barbie's Dream House and instead traveled down to the LES to hit up THE best cupcake place in nyc, grabbed our dessert for later that evening and headed back into Brooklyn in time for our dinner reservations at Aurora, the restaurant I've been wanting to try for ages. All in all it was a lovely 30th birthday and Dave spoiled me rotten.

The etsy one day sale was a HUGE success and I want to thank everyone who participated on V-day, you're the best! And wow, it sure is true that everyone loves a sale!

If you're curious about the show inside, here's a little peak into what we missed:

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Ashley said...

Happy belated birthday Margaux! Your descriptions of the day were so vivid, and I'm sure that will be a birthday to remember. I always forget that you live in NYC.