Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh brother!

My online Get Organized class is going really well so far. The class is held entirely through a private blog, which I check a few times daily to retrieve our "lessons" and participate in class discussions regarding the information.

In the week since class began I've already cleaned out and re-organized my entire filing cabinet, as well as got a jump on cleaning out my e-files. The funny thing is: more important than the lessons we're learning from Alyson, -as fantastic as she is- it's about feeling encouraged and motivated. To have a teacher saying "OK, do this now" makes me feel held accountable, even if it is only in a 'virtual' sense (I'm such a student really.)

I've been enjoying the filing process. Those who know me, know I thrive on organization anyway, no big shocker there. However, the "fun" involved can really only be attributed to one very important factor: my new Best Friend.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like you to meet my brother:

Wow. I don't know how I lived my life without him prior to this week! This little tool makes me want to label my ENTIRE house, no joke. I've used a label-maker plenty of times before, (in fact we use this exact model at my part-time job) and I've always wanted to buy one for myself, but couldn't justify the cost because I didn't think I really needed one. Man oh man, was I ever wrong to hesitate. Alyson suggested buying one to properly label all my files and I promptly made my way to the nearest Staples. At last …I finally had an excuse!

I am in love with this machine. I cannot recommend it enough. My files now look so beautiful and organized that I know I will actually want to use them regularly instead of letting piles build.

My brother might need a friend soon though, and I think I found just the thing to keep him company on my desk:
A mini filing cabinet that holds up to 800 business cards!
So much cuter than a rolodex!
(available via think geek)

What can I say? I'm a sucker for life in miniature.


silvercocoon said...

man, do i have envy! i have a pile on my right and a pile on my left of "active" stuff ... ;) please keep sharing your progress! it is inspiring.

Margaux Lange said...

I most certainly will! Maybe you should take this class next time she offers it missy! ;-)