Sunday, July 06, 2008

back to school

I've signed up for a month long web class which starts this Wednesday and I'm excited but nervous. It's been a while since I've had to think about the word 'homework.' The class called GO! Get Organized to Run a Successful Art Business taught by the fabulous and inspirational Alyson Stanfield, whom I've mentioned on this blog before and whose blog can be found right here in my blogroll. She always has such sound advice regarding marketing and all things art-career related so it should be a great class. However as she points out, you get out of it what you put in and it will all depend on whether or not I "do the work." I've listened in on a few of Alyson's free teleseminars, where participants call in and listen to a chosen speaker about a given art-marketing topic, though I've never participated in an online class before.

The class description reads:

Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Drowning in clutter?
Losing time to poor habits?
Don't know where to begin to start files and databases?

I know all about these traps. I deal with them every day and can teach you what I have learned that allows me to run a focused, successful business.


  1. Put Discipline and Focus Into Place
  2. File
  3. e-File
  4. Organize Your Office
  5. Maintain Your Calendar
  6. Set Routines
  7. Use Task Lists
  8. Manage Your Life with Outlook or Entourage
  9. Inventory Your Artwork
  10. Computerize Your Mailing List
  11. Do This in the Meantime
Also, tips, including: 5 steps to conquering piles; nurture positive environments; de-clutter; weekly art dates; saying "no"; task notebooks; holiday cards; and strong systems of support.

Even though I consider myself a fairly organized person, it's an area I know I can always improve upon, especially as my business grows - along with my responsibilities. I'll keep you posted and let you know how the class is going. Wish me luck!


Jax Chachitz said...

Hi Margeaux,
Hi, I am also a fan of Alysons site. Have you read her book? I thought of taking the seminar but thought - well maybe it is a lot like the book? Not sure, keep me posted, maybe next time.

Margaux said...

Hi jax,
No, I haven't read her book yet, in fact I actually finally decided to buy it when I was paying for the e-class! I thought it might be helpful to read in conjunction. I'll be blogging about the class I'm sure so check back!

Julie Lake said...

margaux - I read your post and immediately signed up for the class, too. I have never taken an online course - but for some reason, I had such a strong feeling that I really needed this one. We'll see how it goes....

Margaux said...

Hooray Julie!! I'm glad we get to experience this at the same time.

I love what you said on the class blog about getting dressed… I used to have that same problem. I would end up working in my pajamas a lot and not leaving my apartment all day. Now that I have a studio outside my home that has gotten under control, thankfully. However, now I battle with getting to my studio before noon. rrgh.

Anyway, glad I was able to inspire you to sign up for the class! :-)

Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Aha! You and Julie. A connection. Seriously, so glad you're in the class and I hope you're enjoying it.