Monday, June 04, 2007

The G train

There are many times when I think living in NYC is such an amazing, beautiful experience. Today was just not one of those days.

I had spent all day with aching feet (from cute but uncomfortable shoes), traveling from various points in Brooklyn and Manhattan - a FedEx center here, a doctor's appointment there, buying silver and supplies in the diamond district etc., etc. - until finally rounding out my exhausting day riding the V train to Court Square in Queens where I was to transfer to the dreaded G train: the final stretch of track that lay between me and my home sweet home. I board the open doors of the crowded G, struggling to find a space, and then comes the announcement:

"Attention ladies and Gentleman, there is a smoke disturbance at the 21st/Van Alst street station - police and fire trucks are on their way. We do not know how long it will be before the train will be able to start moving again. Once again, there is no Brooklyn-bound G train service at this time while we wait for the fire to get under control."

One stop away, damn 21st st. station! So I wait. And wait… (fortunately equipped with the new book D gave me to read) 45 minutes later the announcer officially confirms that the train will not be running anytime soon and that we need to find alternate forms of transportation. Back up and on to the V train into Manhattan again I go. Ughhhhh! I just wanna get home and take off these stupid shoes!!

Public transportation is such a wonderful thing and it's times like this when I realize how very dependent city dwellers are on it. It was mass chaos on the G platform, people were screaming and cursing and angry to be confronted with such a travel nuisance - at rush hour, of course. And even though it wasn't the announcer's fault, people were losing their tempers with her about it. I felt for her in that moment. It was so utterly out of her control. It's this sort of thing that reminds me of the importance of patience.

I did get home… eventually. And you can bet I'll be getting back on the train again tomorrow.

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G stands for Ghetto