Sunday, June 03, 2007

Open For Business!

So I've been talking about it for months on end, and the day has finally arrived when I can say, "yes, you CAN buy my work directly through my website!" My SHOP is up and running at last! D and I ended up using etsy as the platform for the shop because well, quite honestly it's the most user-friendly shopping cart system out there right now. Eventually it would nice to have my own storefront for e•commerce set up right on my website, but for now the link will do just fine. Just click on "shop" in my website, choose your item from the list of what's available and you are then transported to my etsy store where you can purchase via paypal, check or money order. Easy as pie! I'm also excited to become an official part of the etsy community.

More items will be added within the next few days so check back often! Thanks for your patience, I hope you'll find it was worth the wait.


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

looks great!!

Miss Dot said...

well done! I like the way you have linked to the store with nicer images than you get to have on Etsy. They need to offer personalised templates for stores to stand out more. Best of luck.

Midge said...

Thanks ladies! I'm really excited about it. Just had my first sale too!