Friday, March 16, 2007

Design*Sponge blog nod!

I've been highlighted in the "around the web" section of one of my favorite blogs, design*sponge. Grace Bonney's website focuses on fabulous home and product design in all its' many glorious forms. It's a site I go to for regular doses of inspiration. I feel so honored… thanks Grace!

I've also been asked to participate in a new book due out this fall that will be published in Australia, New Zealand, UK and the USA. It will focus on green design or in their words: "beautiful products that make the world a cleaner, greener and more beautiful place." I'll reveal more details about that at a later date.

The "shop" section on my website is still being worked out, but soon you will be able to purchase directly from me through paypal for limited edition pieces such as earrings, brooches, rings and more. Here a few prototypes of some new rings. I plan to make many more of them, they are too fun…

Face Rings $140 ea.

On a personal note… thanks to all for your kind words. Life goes on I guess, but definitely in a new, different way. I'm still adjusting. I'm certain it takes quite a long time.


Stefani said...

Hello again! I greatly apologize for the dad thing :/ . i guess i misread the blog you put out! well to you , your work is soo awesome! Last night and today i have been looking for places that i can buy your work but i have had no success so i came back to here! I would love to buy things! Please let me know if i can??! Thank you!

stefani said...

ok, and i should have read further! i am soo excited! i will visit the website every day till that shop sign comes on!

if you need any barbies, i have plenty of them!