Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Work for the MCA

Here is the new production work sent to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. This is the second time I've sent work to them in the last 6 months and I'm excited to see that things are selling there. It's a wholesale gig, so they pay me outright for the work. In the coming year, I'm aiming to expand my wholesale business. My goal is to take on 3-5 new venues that will feature my newly expanded Plastic Body Series production line - consisiting of pieces I continually make multiples of (including pieces such as the ones pictured below.)

When I lived out in Boulder Colorado I attended a very inspiring lecture given by Ian McKaye of the band Fugazi. (For those who are not familiar with what Fugazi is all about, I found an excerpt about them here that explains a little about their ethics.) Anyway, I distinctly remember leaving Ian's lecture with an inflated need to make myself and my art "accessible" to the greater audience at large. I'm reminded of his inspiring words lately as I negotiate a way to grow my business. I feel that in order to achieve increased sales stabilty, as well as to attain this "accessibility," instating a broader price range for my work is necessary. I DO NOT intend to keep part-time jobs for the rest of my life after all.

Pursuing an official "production line" will be great on several levels: For one thing, it improves my overall exposure. The more accessible my work is, the more people to know and appreciate it, beyond the Art Jewelry collecting community. It will give people a chance to take home a piece of my artwork without the expense associated with a one-of-a-kind. That said, I am adamant that my one-of-a-kind work is justly priced, and do not mean to imply that it is not. What I create is unique, and the amount of money that I charge for my pieces reflects not only the originality of my design, but also the time, materials, and overhead it takes to produce the work. I'll keep the pieces I make multiples of in an affordable price range for people who would like to collect without spending above their comfort zone and yet, continue to charge my one-of-a-kind's true worth within the Art Jewelry market.

Of course, all pieces will continue to be handcrafted by yours truly!

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Liana said...

It really takes time to work all this "business" stuff out but it looks like you are really moving in the right direction. These are some of the things that I'm working on too.

Good luck (or is that hard work?) to us both.