Monday, September 11, 2006

I wouldn't touch that if I were you!

Pretty darn cool, and uh… a very safe dress for a first date.

(Oh man, that's so cheesy I apologize.)

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Dominique said...

Hey Midge,
I think using the different metals will be awesome. And a little sparkly can never hurt, or bling, bling? Well I hope life is going well. I tried to leave a comment about a week ago, and for some reason it didn;t work. I get confused on computers! Well i moved to VT, I love the town i live in. Email me your phone number and we can catch up with one another. I can't believe Brice is in 2nd grade and Ayden is in pre K. The Dube brothers are doing well. And i am good too, it has been a year since Brian and i have split. So i guess it is time to move on, Yee Haw :) I am ready now and definitely lonely. Good thing i have the boys. well write me back I would love to get an update about you. Take care girly, Dominique