Monday, May 22, 2006

final days

I'd forgotten what it's like to leave.

I'm experiencing a series of "Lasts" - an interesting feeling. Yesterday was The Last Time I'll ever have to scrub the dentist office that I've cleaned once a week for the past two years. It felt damn good to mop those floors knowing I'm on to bigger and better things. Today was The Last Time house cleaning for one of my clients in Saratoga as well. There is more in store for me than scrubbing bubbles and toilet brushes, and I'm anxious to start a new and different type of part-time work in the city. Unfortunately a part-time job is a necessity for now until my jewelry can support me fully. Fingers crossed that won't be too much longer! Cleaning is tough and uh, dirty work and has definitely taken it's toll on me over the past few years. As much as I feel fortunate to have worked for generous and appreciative clients I'm glad that from now on the only toilet I'll be scrubbing is my own.

Those who know me know that it takes a lot for a dog to win me over, as I'm so very much a cat person. Today I said my goodbyes to the one dog who won a place in my heart with relative ease, Buster, my client's dog that I spent a week dog-sitting for this past February.

I'll miss you Buster.

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