Wednesday, May 24, 2006

cute cheeks

Yesterday I spent some time with my neighbor Kelly and her sweet little edible daughter Victoria. I had to share the pics exemplifying her irresistible cuteness...

I think maybe Kelly feared I really meant it when I said Tori was "so cute I just wanna EAT HER" because later on she brought over some of the dinner she had made for her and her fam in what surely must've been an attempt to prevent my mouth from devouring her child whole. Mmm, pork tenderloin and mashed potatoes! It was very sweet of her, especially since I barely have time to do anything besides pack these days. Eating well has unfortunately not been a priority. ugh.

I've been working all morning on the custom brooch that's due this week and now it's near completion - thank god. I'll be glad to have that behind me and start packing up my studio. I'll share pics before I ship.

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