Thursday, May 18, 2006

Preparations for 'The Big Move' are underway, and my house is beginning to look like a tornado has run through it. Last weekends' visit to the city was exactly what I needed. We saw the apartment, (which is even more amazing in person than it was in the pictures!) signed the lease, relaxed and had a great time. It had been a while since my last trip down there, so it was just the reminder I needed that this is the right decision. The right move, at exactly the right time. I am incredibly excited.

the kitchen

the living room

the bedroom

my studio

I apologize that my posting has been sparse lately. The move is consuming me. I'm also trying to tie up some loose ends in my studio, a custom piece and a couple random jobs have been haunting me a while so I'm working towards getting those behind me. Meanwhile continuing my part-time jobs and trying to spend as much time with family and friends as possible before we say our farewells.

My garage sale is this weekend and I'm PRAYING it doesn't rain. I have so much stuff to sell I feel like I'm shedding half my life - and that feels so damn good.

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