Sunday, April 23, 2006

Productive weekend

This weekend was a very busy studio weekend for me and I was able to get a really good jump on the work I'm creating for two new galleries I've taken on: The Delaware Center for Contemporary Art (DCCA) and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago (MCA).

The work is coming together quickly and efficiently for a couple of reasons. For one: it consists mostly of pieces I've made before, the beginning of a mini "production" line of sorts which I'm creating for venues such as these museum stores. In other words, the work will be different than the one-of-a-kinds I sell in the three Art jewelry galleries that represent me. It will allow me to make multiples and sell things that I repeatedly make such as hand and eye earrings.

And the second, and more important reason I believe it's all coming together quickly this time: I'm willing it to. I promised myself I would not get behind and I'm sticking to that. At this rate I'll even have the work done BEFORE the due dates I set for myself. I must say, it feels pretty darn good. My plans to move to Brooklyn in June are also encouraging me to move things along quickly so that I may concentrate on that as soon as possible.

In other news, Dave, (the Fabulous) surprised me with a very special gift:

A signed copy of the new Dresden dolls CD!! OMG, it's AMAZING. Even better than their debut in my opinion. Soooo good. Among my fav songs so far: Backstabber and Delilah. Check it out if you get a chance, cause it's so worth it.

It was a wonderful weekend indeed. Pics of my studio to follow shortly… stay tuned ;-)

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