Monday, April 24, 2006

Filing My Nails

Fortunately I've never been one of those girls that cares much about what my fingernails look like, because the occupation I've entered into virtually guarantees their appearance be ragged and torn. I'm pretty sure most people don't get too excited about having their nails sawed off, filed into, cut, torn, drilled, or otherwise damaged…

Exhibit A:
(and really this pic taken with my phone hardly does the damage justice - lucky for you)

…However for me, when my nails look awful, it's a good sign. It signals progress. I know that when they start to look nice and groomed I haven't been working in my studio nearly enough. They're a mess today. Not to mention the blistered, calloused skin on my palms as well. It makes me feel like a "rough-and-tumble" kind of gal, one who's not afraid to get dirty.


So anyway, as promised I have some studio pics to share… enjoy

My score from last week's thrift store hunt - all blondes.


Work Table

Drawing Table

…More pics tomorrow!

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