Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cats and Dog

Yesterday I spent the day/night in Saratoga dog-sitting. It was gorgeous outside, in the 70's, so Buster and I went on some long walks and I tried to take some pics on my camera phone of all the gorgeous blooms we encountered, but these are the only ones worth sharing…

Buster the Beagle! Such a cute old man. Boy, am I a sucker for that adorable little beagle-head-tilt-begging thing he does.

I'm in the process of training my cats to acquire similar skills of cute-ness and manipulation. Charlie (of course) has been making some progress…

Smudge, well… not so much.

He wins me over in other ways.

1 comment:

D Balogh said...

Need to give Smudge a reason to tilt his head, otherwise he can't be bothered with such requests :) Buster looks cute as always! Something sweet ass about that old garage, so upstate NY to me. Love it.