Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sabine Lang

I just discovered Sabine Lang, a german jeweler, and I'm blown away by her "bubble" jewelry. The concept of "wearing air" in the form of bubbles, is so fabulous (and beautiful when worn to boot.) My being amused by this makes sense given my obsession with taking baths I guess. I feel like it also sort of references the 'emperor's new clothes' in a way. I love it! Check her out: Sabine Lang Jewelry


scotter said...

Very cool stuff. i'm interested to see how the lightweight nature of the jewelry affects the way it sits on/moves with the body in a practical capacity however. I do like the animated quality of the shapes. i keep hearing bubblebath sounds as i look at the photos.

I wish I spoke Deutch, so I could get a better perspective on the artist by reading her site.

Scotter said...

thanks for the link to my journal by the way...

D Balogh said...

A quick and dirty translation from Google's Translator (the Flimsy Bubbles page):
The transparent decoration adapts to each underground, is inconspicuously, nearly subjectless. Its gloss directs however the view of the viewer of itself, a marvelous mixture from inconspicuousness and remarkableness develops. With simple means the appearance is created by noble decoration, beads and sumptuous collier. The structure from simple geometrical forms requires for again recognizable ornamental forms. Therefore the hemispheres are arranged to "classical", nostalgically working decoration, whose recognizing value is high. By the kind of the material they work thereby not conventionally, but airily easily, playful and merrily.

I'm assuming she uses a plastic vacuum-former, something I always wanted to do when building models as a kid. Interesting thing about the choice of plastic is that at that thinness, you tend to see the oily waves embedded, like a film of oil on water. I wonder if this stands out, like the soapy film that real bubbles have. That would be pretty sahhhwwwweeeet! Also, they probably can pop in and out if you press on them, wonder if that interaction would be encouraged and a pleasant surprise when wearing them perhaps?! I love the idea of wearing air! Now, if they could only capture scents... Margaux scent? Spring scent? Upstate NY scent? Hellz yeah!

For that translator site, use: Google Translator

Midge said...

…and farts?! hahahaha JK, no seriously though, I love the idea of being able to press them in like you mentioned, like bubble wrap! Man, is that addicting! Thanks for looking up the translation. I did find a less "art-speak-y" description of the series from her in (slightly broken) English:

"Last year I travelled around the world with my friend. We were taking pictures of international airports for his
diplomprojekt. During this flights I imagined often it would be wunderfull to hang free in the air, above the clouds, without gravity. But air is without substance, you can not walk on it, you can´t see it. Its everytime around us, we need it to survive - this "non-substance" material. How could it get substance, how could it get visible? Sometime we can see the air in form of bubbles, air covered by a thin layer of water. In form of bubbles the airis getting visible. But these bubbles are sensitive, they collapse when their time comes. Maybe the thin layer of water can be exchanged by a thin layer of plastic, still transparent, light and with the same
appearence. The difficulty is to get the same lightness that real waterbubbles have, so they could become a
kind of long lasting bubbles."

Pretty damn cool. These works were part of an international jewelry exhibition called "Air" where jewelers from around the world created jewelry based on that theme. Jewellery Journey Sort of a cool concept by the looks of it, a jewelry exhibition created entirely by a chronicled web dialogue between interested artists. Man, I would love to put together exhibtions someday…