Thursday, March 23, 2006

inspired, for today.

Today I took a fresh look at the concepts of creativity and inspiration through something Dave IM'd me this afternoon. It's mainly intended for designers, but any kind of artist can get something out of it. It takes a little while to watch, but worth it I think:

Pollinate Video

(But if you don't have the time or patience for it, I've assembled some of my favorite quotes from it, so here you go lazy bones)…

"Brilliance exists in the broad search and the clever linkage of one seemingly unrelated event to another. That sort of functional and engaging translation of one graphical language to another, when handled properly, contains a built in punchline or moment of sale."
- This quote really spoke to me in terms of my plastic body series. Often my work feels like a "punchline" in a sense. At first glance, a lot of my pieces appear merely as abstract forms/shapes. Upon closer inspection the barbie "body part" becomes evident, hence the "punchline" is revealed. The world of Barbie and the world of jewelry to most would seem to exist at somewhat separate ends of the spectrum. I believe it's this distance in fact that prompts the question I'm asked most often: "where ever did you get the idea to make jewelry out of barbie dolls?!" The combining of these two worlds is what gives my work its' strength. Or as this short film puts it: "A wonderful harmony arises from joining together the seemingly unconnected."

"When we start our journey towards each new project, shifting gears from one project to the next can sometimes seem impossible. How can we gain a clean perspective from job to job so as to use what we have learned rather than apply unwanted dynamics gained by redundant patterns of behavior and practice?"
- I thought this quote was interesting regarding starting something new, which has been my main issue as of late.

"Creativity is the opposite of routine."
- This seemingly obvious one made me stop and think a bit… Perhaps the routine of my life is what has been stifling me lately then? I can't wait to move to NYC.


D Balogh said...

This film really hits many great points, one of my faves is getting away from routine. I know personally I have become a routine maniac with many things I do, and just the mere suggestion of sleeping at the opposite end of your bed was enough to realize how many things I can break the mold on.

Also, talking about inspiration vs. xerox copies really shows how many copycats are out there. Your jewelry breaks that mold quite a bit, and is a pleasure to see such uniqueness when being surrounded by mediocrity. Ok ok, I may be biased, lol, but I do love your work. ;-*

Scotter said...

watching that video really made my day! thanks buggo!

Midge said...

Hey hey, thanks for checking it out! There's even more:

Also, I love these two quotes from the Pollinate video:

"The secret of creativity is knowing how to hide your sources" ~Albert Einstein

"What is originality? Undetected plagiarism." ~D.W.R. Inge

So true in many ways. None are without influence.