Thursday, March 30, 2006

I wonder if there are nose holes to breathe through?

German jeweler Gerd Rothmann, one of my all time favorites and a huge influence for me when I was first getting serious about making jewelry in college. His work addresses the idea of "prosthesis as ornamentation," extensions of our body, or our own bodies as personal adornment. He has cast people's fingers in gold, kind of like a false digit it slips onto the wearer's finger - a perfect fit. Another fave of mine is the nipple necklace, disks of cast nipples strung together. Totally abstract and simple looking gold circles, but upon closer inspection, their 'punchline' is revealed! He's also done a lot of work with fingerprints. They're all very personal. Each piece custom to its' wearer. Very cool stuff. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a website to direct you to. But I'll try to dig up more images!


D Balogh said...

Pretty wild! I bet Marilyn Manson loves his work too, being a big fan of Prosthetic limbs. Seems to fit quite well with your work, since the Barbie parts become 'prosthetics' of your memories as a child and beyond. Are the nipples all different or casts of just 2 or 1 or 4 or 10 or 300? Hehe! He's a nipple whore! Ah ok, nuff playin. I wanna see more if you come across any, or show me a book ;-)

Midge said...

God I miss you. I have more artistic dialogue with you than anyone else in my life right now and you have NO idea what that means to me.

The nipples in the necklace I've seen are casts of just one nipple I believe cause they all appear to be identical, but he may have done other works with multiples.

I can definitely show you more images from my books I have at home. (If only my darn scanner was working!ugh.) But yes, I'll do more searching online too! :-*