Monday, August 13, 2012

Starry-Eyed and inspired

This is my awesome intern Kait Kennedy, wearing the Starry-Eyed Pendant I made for her as a thank you for all of her hard work in my studio last year. Kait is now busy studying jewelry making and repair at the North Bennet Street School in Boston and it's safe to say, I dearly miss her help in my studio!

Starry-Eyed Pendant was the first piece I made upon returning to my studio after my extended maternity leave. It was exciting to get back into making after such a long break and this pendant was the pre-cursor to the vintage Barbie coloring book inspired works I've been developing since.

It's been pretty neat to see the progression of these works and I'm excited to see where it all takes me. Braided Eye Necklace (below) is still available for purchase through my etsy shop.

Braided Eye Necklace © Margaux Lange 2012


flyingbeader said...

So nice to see you back and making new pieces of jewelry.
I hope Hazel is doing okay

kendal croix. said...

I love the shapes inspired from the coloring books! It reminds me of cooling them as a kid.

Danielle Deutsch said...

I am OBSESSEDDDD with the Braided Eye Necklace! you are amazing at what you do! keep it up!