Monday, March 14, 2011

Lotta Legs Lately

Leg Lapel Pin
© Margaux Lange 2011
sterling silver, nickel silver, plastic Barbie doll leg, resin.

Leg Lapel Pin was a custom order created for an eccentric gentleman who wanted a BOLD statement piece for his lapel.

The knee can be bent at an angle or worn straight so he has styling options (personally I like it best at 90º) The shoe is a solid silver casting of an amazing Barbie doll heel. I've used it once before on a previous project. I regret I did not get any photographs of this piece worn on an actual lapel before I shipped it off to London… but oh well. Many thanks to Mike for the custom order!


Kellie Christie said...

That is an awesome piece Margaux, I love that you have cast a shoe is silver! Looks stunning and I am sure that your customer will love it!

Margaux Lange said...

Thanks Kellie! That shoe is pretty rad isn't it?! I hope he is pleased with how it turned out.

OakGem said...

I love your work!

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Lauren Braun said...

Fabulous Margaux!!!