Monday, November 08, 2010

Alumni Press

Juxtapositions is the alumni publication of the Maryland Institute College of Art (my alma mater) and the current issue features an article on wearable Art jewelry made by MICA alumnae.

Additionally, on the MICA website I'm featured in an extended interview, answering questions such as: "What are your thoughts about the idea that jewelry is wearable sculpture?" For the full feature and to read my interview visit:

It feels nice to be recognized by my old college, however it's slightly disappointing that the concept and validity of jewelry as Art --with a capital A-- still requires explaining in this day and age (particularly to an Art school *sigh*)

Jewelry/metals unfortunately was not offered as a major at MICA, however there was an off-campus jewelry center, which always felt a bit like the red-headed stepchild of the school. The work that was created there was not given exhibition space in any of the main campus galleries and many students didn't even know the center existed. Alas, perhaps our alumni insights will shed some light on the world of Art jewelry for Juxtapositions readers and give the MICA jewelry Center the attention it deserves.

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