Wednesday, March 03, 2010

New Retailer! Madgirl World

Margaux Lange jewelry now available for purchase in Portland, Maine! This new batch of goodies was just sent off to Madgirl World, eco-fashion designer Meredith Alex's Old Port storefront. For more info click here.

Madgirl World
275 Commercial Street
Portland, ME 04101-4738
p: (207) 322-3900


Purple Deer said...

Oh always amazing your creations(Especially the one with drops of blood)

Anonymous said...

I love love love that bracelet! Are those available for custom order?

Margaux Lange said...

Purple Deer: Thanks! The blood coral arm necklace is always a fave - I think it appeals to people because it is so macabre!

Anon: YES! I can certainly make one for you custom. shoot me an email! margauxlange [at]