Thursday, March 04, 2010

Made For Love

Belgian publishing house Stichting Kunstboek has recently published
Made For Love, a collection of design objects and ideas centered on themes of love, sex, eroticism and pleasure. I'm thrilled to announce that my work appears on pages 136 and 137 (the pink text on the cover is flocked - so it's all soft and fun to touch!) From the publishers website:

"It is not an exaggeration to say that today, we live in an age of unprecedented sexual freedom. Far from over, the sexual revolution seems on the contrary to have gained a new momentum. Globalized and digitalized, it is spreading its gospel like wildfire. The objects and their creators that feature in Made for Love reflect this new evolution and its corresponding styles and attitudes.

…Sensual pleasure objects, furniture, varying home accessories … they all have a naughty spirit in common, combined with quality, design, a certain flair, and sometimes ingenious engineering. Made for Love brings stylish erotic design with subtle comments by Amélie O"

This is not the first book of risqué design to include my work, (see also Love Design published by German publishing house: Daab) While I do agree with the notion that we live in an age of increased sexual freedom, I still think Europe remains light years ahead of the US in terms of it's candid approach to sex, nudity and eroticism. Two books on the subject - both produced outside of the US - remain testament to this.

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