Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It's been a while friends, I know. As is typical, this time of year is a flurry of chaos for me. I have that familiar sense of overwhelm and desperation, grasping onto the fleeting summer, packing in as many fun outings with friends and family as possible before the season officially changes course. Does everybody feel this way in August or is it just me?

My biggest news to share at the moment is that I've been busy designing/creating new one-of-a-kind work for my solo exhibition Wearable Nostalgia: Deconstructing Barbie opening at Luke & Elloy gallery (Pittsburgh, PA) December 5, 2009. I've decided that in order to focus more fully on the work for that show, I'm taking a break from blogging, at least in the traditional sense. I'm going to try out a little experiment… a photo a day here on the blog! I'll post a photo from my studio every weekday with little or no commentary/writing. Check in daily for these sneak peaks into the new work and other various studio captures (such as the creepy vintage gals pictured above.) I'll also be announcing some new retailers soon to be carrying my production work, as well as some exciting new press… so stay tuned for that as well.

Enjoy the rest of your summer while it lasts!


jaboopee said...

they look like meryl streep and goldie hawn in that movie i can't quite think of the name with bruce willis and they have everlasting life.....you know the one i mean?

Anonymous said...

I'd recognize the girl on the right anywhere - that's Western Barbie, 1980, the first one I had! Push the button in her back and she winks. She also came with a Barbie autograph stamp. What fun.