Monday, August 03, 2009

Ali Cavanaugh

coincidence that was once blurred, is now clear © Ali Cavanaugh

I was first introduced to Ali Cavanaugh's paintings when she was featured on the cover of Art Calendar Magazine in September of 2008. She quickly became one of my favorite artists and I've been following her work ever since.

coming out of recollection © Ali Cavanaugh
chosen, just to be overlooked © Ali Cavanaugh

Often her models are hidden by clothing, their own hands or turned away from the viewer entirely so that we see only the backside of the head. We're kept at a distance, yet simultaneously drawn into the intimacy of the moment with the stranger in the painting.

Her work is minimal yet bold in composition. She forgoes background and instead plays with light and shadow creating a luminosity that enlivens the figures in her paintings as they appear to glow in and through the panels, washed in white.

did my silence imply reflection? © Ali Cavanaugh

Ali uses a fresco painting technique, or panels with a clay surface. About her process she writes,
"My process of application is very similar to egg tempera; I use small controlled strokes of overlapping colors to create depth while letting the white clay surface illuminate through the pigment. These small strokes of color are built upon a wet plaster surface."

in your warm gaze, i find that i’m still your treasure © Ali Cavanaugh
obscured by a perfect circle © Ali Cavanaughit wasn’t doubt it was hesitation © Ali Cavanaugh
Her recent works have involved a lot more accessories and jewelry which I find fun additions to the characters she paints. They say portraiture is the toughest art subject matter to sell but I've always been drawn to it and one day I'm determined to own one of Ali's amazing paintings. To see more of her portfolio or follow along on her blog visit her website:

interior light © Ali Cavanaugh

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Ashley said...

You are right, they are luminous and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.