Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ernesto Neto at the Armory

Last Thursday Megan Auman and I spent the day exhibit hopping in Manhattan. One of our stops was a trip to see Brazillian artist Ernesto Neto's exhibition at The Armory. Neto's Anthopodino encompased the entire interior hall - transforming the architectural space into a living, breathing installation.

It has an understructure comprised of a series of bone-like wooden supports with a see-through panty-hose-esque flesh pulled and stretched and drooping with holes and sacks. There were various "rooms" within the space and tunnels to walk through.

The hanging sacks are filled with various spices such as clove, black pepper, cumin, ginger, turmeric and lavender. Rice, gravel, sand, stones, glass beads, plastic balls, and foam are all used in the installation as well - adding to a beautiful sensory experience that makes you smile - despite the sensation that you may have been swallowed by a dinosaur.

Megan and I both wanted to have this giant bean-bag room in our home… SO comfy! If you're in the city, it's definitely an exhibit worth checking out. More info on the exhibit here and see more of his work here. BIG thanks to Megan for a fun and inspiring day!


lucyslounge-dee said...

wow! i'd love to see that. some peoples minds amazing

Patricia said...

Wow, can you imagine this space being used by an innovative dance troupe? Love how he fits the bones....