Monday, February 23, 2009

Press from Belgium

Goedele Magazine

February 2009 Issue

pg 118

…anyone want to translate it for me?


Sasja Saptenno said...

Sure i want to do that for you Margaux!

Sasja Saptenno said...

This is what the Belgium Magazine has written about you:

Next month Barbie becomes 50. New York designer Margaux Lange celebrates this in her own way with a collection jewelry made of Barbie dolls.
Aldo Barbie doesn’t becomes realy older true the years.. we think she sure will have hang breast..

:) why they say something about hangbreast? the ower of this Goedele magazine is a famous (in Holland and Belgium) psych specialized in sexual problems. (Goedelen Liekens is her name)


Margaux Lange said...

Thank you so much Sasja! I really appreciate it! ;-)