Thursday, August 21, 2008

In honor of Anti-Procrastination Day

Anti-Procrastination Day: A self-imposed weekly nudge to make the things I've been putting off HAPPEN. Be it writing a thank you card, cleaning the kitty litter… or in this case: blogging! (An idea discussed during my "Get Organized" class - which has ended.) I thought I'd take this opportunity to get you caught up on what's been going on in my crazy busy life these days…

• Working as my own boss full time RULES. I couldn't be happier about this decision and the timing was perfect. I'm taking on new galleries, filling wholesale and custom orders and have found my studio routines are really shaping up. Thanks so much to all of you who commented and expressed your support about this decision.

• I have an intern! Ashley, or more appropriately "Awesome Ashley" has been helping me out in my studio for the past four weeks and she's fantastic! I feel really lucky to have such great help. (more on that in a future blog post…)

Pop Culture Collision Exhibition opened at Shaw Jewelry Gallery in Northeast Harbor Maine, where my work was exhibited alongside incredible jewelers such as Harriet Estel Berman, J. Fred Woell and Robert Ebendorf (wowza!)

Alloy Gallery in Newport, Rhode Island is exhibiting my one-of-a-kind works starting this month, so if you live nearby… go check 'em out.

• I made a new grouping of work for Julie Artisans' Gallery in nyc that will be for sale exclusively through their website… a new venture for that gallery. The work I made for them is part of my wholesale line, (so it's made in multiples.) This is a big change for us because for the past five years they've sold only my one-of-a-kinds. Their new improved website is due for its' reveal this fall, so stay tuned. Here are a few glimpses of the pieces for sale:

POP smile Necklaces $210

(POP smile detail)

Smile Cufflinks $170

'Have a Heart' Necklaces $180

• I'm on twitter! I just joined, inspired by the fabulous Megan Auman. I've added it to the sidebar on my blog so you can get to it that way as well.

• Something BIG is in the works that I hinted at a while back… unfortunately I still can't talk openly about it, but soon soon soon! I'm really sorry for the tease (…sort of ;-)


KMJewelryStudio said...

I LOVE the new pieces! Congratulations on your gallery ventures, and the show with Mr. Ebendorf! You are fulfilling a dream that many of us are hoping to reach someday.

Jessica said...

Love the shapes on the new pieces!
Glad everything is going well for you as your own boss!
You are an inspiration!

Miss Dot said...

oh I love love love that one with the bubbles? they are a real departure from your past work, well done, you just get better and better don't you? :-)
FINALLY the weather has got cold enough to wear a coat so here I am rocking the brooch I won off you!

Margaux Lange said...

Thank you ladies! You are all so kind. It's nice to hear that you can see a progression in the POP smile Necklace designs, I was aiming for that! :-)

miss dot, the link wouldn't work for me, it said it was "private" - glad you're enjoying the pin though!

Miss Dot said...

oh sorry, I thought you were my Flickr friend already, you will have to become mine to see it, sorry.