Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Well, it's official. Starting next month, I will be 100% my own boss, full time! Yes, that's right, I am finally saying goodbye to additional income part-time jobs and hello to the successful future of MY jewelry business! I couldn't be happier with this decision (albeit a teensy bit scared…) This has been my BIG goal for quite some time, and one I had planned to accomplish before my 30th birthday, so it feels good to be on track.

It is bitter sweet saying goodbye to Swallow however. I've truly enjoyed working there, getting to know my fellow employees, and have learned a TON about the wholesale jewelry world. I especially will miss being in charge of display/merchandising as well as the rotating wall exhibitions. It was fun to get to "curate" for our lovely little boutique! I'm leaving very much on good terms and am glad to know that my employers are happy for me and the future of my business.

So here's to my new life! There's no looking back now… full steam ahead!

Swallow 361 Smith Street in Carroll Gardens. (Brooklyn, NY)

The Little Zoo Box photos © Elizabeth Soule.

For more gorgeous photos of the store, check out the flickr set.


Nicole said...

congrats. :)

Miss Dot said...

**hug** well done and big congratualtions. You are doing the right thing, remember that when the bills come in and the invoices don't. You will make it because you have a unique talent for the most beautiful work. I look forward to seeing more and more of your work. I must send you another pic, it is finally winter here and I have finally bought a winter coat and have attached your beautiful brooch permanently and have had lots of postitive comments, I love her.

alisa said...

oh my gosh!!! congratulations! that is so huge! i know it's scary. but it's so fantastic that you're doing this. it will be more work than anything, but also more rewarding. your work is fantastic and and i know you only have good things to look forward to. here's to hoping i'm at that place by 31... :-)

Tay said...

Bravo, girl! You will do well, I am sure of it. Congratulations on taking the leap and I wish you much abundance, joy and growth on your path of self-employment.

One little advice piece from a graduate of the school of "Life is what happens when you are busy making plans". This wonderful life is unpredictable, make sure you have health insurance. Without it, I would now be bankrupt.

Yay, you!

silvercocoon said...

congratulations on this milestone!

Vicki Moore said...

I accidently found your site searching on Google. I absolutely love your work. Barbie was a huge part of my childhood - you brought me back to those happy memories.

I wish you wonderful success in jumping out on your own. You'll do great.

All the best,