Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Intro to Etching

So my etsy labs experience this past weekend was interesting. Admittedly, it wasn't quite what I had hoped it would be. First of all, I guess I had envisioned etsy HQ as some Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque bustling, magical craft paradise or something… instead I found it to be somewhat depressingly quiet and lacking: in tools, lighting, work surfaces, proper chairs, and overall studio layout. The enormous storage cubbies took up more room in the space than the one actual work table: an unstable, cheap wood surface WAY too small even for the mere five of us taking the class. It wiggled with the slightest touch - incredibly annoying when you're trying to draw. I realize they recently moved into this new space, but it really could use a serious layout overhaul and maybe a studio manager. Someone who could, say… pay attention to the little things, like making sure there's plenty of paper towels in the studio. The space also doesn't have a decent (not to mention legal) exhaust/ventilation system, really important when working with etching chemicals, spray paint, nail polish and acetone… headache anyone???

I found that during my time there I enjoyed learning the super easy method for how to etch glass more so than the metal etching, however I'll definitely be playing around more with etching silver on my own. I think I just need to explore it more thoroughly on my own terms, at my own pace, using with my own visual language.

I don't regret taking the class as I did learn quite a bit. I guess I just felt slightly disappointed overall.


Ashley said...

I've been wanting to try etching myself, but am nervous about the safety/health aspects. I'm surprised they don't have a better set up at Etsy.

Anonymous said...

I have found I have to be careful and really research as much as I can before I lay down a chunk of change for a workshop. I am really big on quality of experience.
Sorry to hear that this was not what you expected. I would have had the same reaction.

Miss Dot said...

hey, I didn't let you know when I posted your package because I wanted it to be a nice suprise but now I am worried it hasn't made it to you? did you get your resin?

silvercocoon said...

ok.....you're killing me, here! what is the big deal you mentioned and then have not blogged about for weeks?!?!?!?!?!? can you spill the beans yet???

Margaux said...

Muuuahahaha! The suspense is killing you eh Tia?! ;-) It will probably be a big let down once it's revealed now that I've waited so long! It's a big deal to me… but probably wouldn't be to others. Oh well! Anyway, I'll be posting pictures of it this week, promise! Hope you're doing well chica.

Thanks to everyone for their comments! And yes, silverfilings, I think you're so right about "quality of experience." My next workshop is going to be a worthwhile one! I can't complain too much though, I think you get what you pay for and this etching class was super inexpensive. The teacher was very sweet but the facilities were just REALLY lacking I thought. I've been to a workshop at Haystack and loved it so next I'd really like to try Penland I think.