Friday, April 18, 2008

Etsy Workshop!

I'm super duper excited because this weekend I'm taking my first workshop at the etsy labs here in brooklyn, Intro to Etching with Danielle of Precious Pups. I've been wanting to experiment with etching for some time, and though I've gathered info on the process in the past, I haven't officially played around with it. (I'm definitely one of those people that learns better when someone physically shows me how to do something as opposed to just reading about it.) It's a two day workshop, 12pm-3pm each day and really VERY affordable, so I couldn't resist (haha pun intended, sorry) I'm looking forward to checking out etsy headquarters as well. I'll report back about it all after the weekend.

So… there's a reason I've sort of disappeared over the past couple weeks - a big one. I still am not quite ready to share the news just yet… I guess I just want to wait it out a little longer… can you stand the suspense?! Oh man, now I've probably built it up TOO much, oh well, stay tuned for the official let down! ;-)

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