Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Miller Gallery

The Miller Gallery certainly spared no expense with their mailer announcing Objects of Desire: the Toy Show opening Friday November 23rd in Cincinnati, Ohio. Wow, is it beautiful! The layout, the full color printing, the paper, they really go all out. It's a full fold-out style mailer, so large in fact I couldn't even scan the inside in its' entirety to share with you! My Hands Bracelet made the cover (as seen above) which I'm pretty darn happy about so I had to share. I'll also soon be receiving an email version of the mailer which will be sent to those on my mailing list.

What's that you say?! You're not ON my mailing list? Well then, hustle up and send me an email with the words "Add Me!" in the subject line and that problem will be solved ;-)

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