Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

It is indeed scary that it's the end of October already. wow. Halloween has long been my favorite holiday. The costumes, the crisp cold smell of fallen leaves, and especially the pumpkins. I adore pumpkins. I have to hold myself back from buying more than I need every year. This year we settled on three. (Yes, I NEED three.) Two small ones - one for Smudge, one for Charlie - and a big one, that Dave and I carved last weekend…

We think he came out pretty great! OK, maybe not as great as the pumpkin gutter Scott Cummins, but still! If you haven't seen this man's pumpkins you are missing out. He does the most incredible carvings, and all without the use of stencils or patterns or anything. It's truly sculpture (of the rotting, ephemeral sort.)

Examples of some of his amazing work…

Just as engaging and interesting as his pumpkins, are his FAQ's which made Dave and I hurt from laughter. Definitely worth the long read!

We're off to see my favorite band play tonight and in costume we will go! I'll try to share pics tomorrow. Happy Halloween everyone.

Oh… one last thing! I wanted to announce that on Friday I'll be starting a "Friday From the Bench" feature on my blog. I've been realizing I'm not showing as many images of my current works in progress as I should be and I'd like to get back to what this blog was intended for. It can't all be about other artists who inspire me ;-) "Thankful Thursdays" will also be starting up again for the month of November - in celebration of thanksgiving of course.


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