Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A new face

Hooray! My postcards arrived today! D designed them (of course) and we decided to go with vistaprint for the printing. When all was said and done it cost about $70 for 250 postcards, but what was most impressive was the turn-around time. We ordered them on the 7th… they arrived on the 12th! The colors are slightly off, but overall for the price they're pretty decent. They'll be great for the Crafty Bastards show so people can walk off with a little something that has my name on it.

It was time for a new look for my blog and I decided to go with something cleaner and more streamlined. Since blogger only offers so many templates I thought this was a nice simple choice and better matches my website. I hope you like it too :-)

You may have also noticed my profile Midge has been replaced with a new doll… time to switch it up, and I just love that doll's face. I don't have the heart to cut it up… yet.

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