Wednesday, September 12, 2007

etsy fave

So much work is being produced inside my studio these days: between the enormous wholesale order I just shipped out to Texas, to the huge batch of goodies being prepped for this months Crafty Bastards show in DC. One would think I'd have tons of pictures to share, but alas, the work I had photographed of the wholesale batch came out all fuzzy. However, I will be shooting some of the works in progress in my studio today so stay tuned later this week.

For now, I may as well share yet another artist whose work I'm digging lately. The artist goes by the name of "jacksonswift" on etsy. (I couldn't find a real name anywhere). Her watercolors (or perhaps his?) evoke both calm and turbulence, safety and danger, all at the same time. It captures a sense of life in dreams and nightmares for me. Particularly this painting since I used to have a reoccurring nightmare involving wolves as a child…

"Jacksonswift" also makes lovely necklaces. Almost like spilled milk, the pendants are made of porcelain strung onto silk thread and hand-painted with animal imagery. Even though the bird trend is a bit tired, I have to admit I love this particular pendant:

I think it would be amazing to see the artist translate his/her watercolor painting imagery into these necklaces in some way.

Okay, now, I have to bring this up: I have strong feelings about not having your name located front and center (or hell, at least somewhere!) on your etsy page. I think it can be particularly detrimental to an artist trying to promote themselves. Perhaps they're not proud enough of their work to attach their name so permanently to it? I can understand for crafters who are selling as more of a "store" on etsy, that's where the profile comes in and where their real name should be located, but as an individual artist producing fine art? How are people ever going to be able to associate you with your work? Just something I feel strongly about I guess… agree, disagree?

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