Saturday, September 22, 2007

craft mutiny podcast!

Thanks to Caitlin of Rebound Designs for letting me know my work was mentioned in this podcast. The Craft Mutiny is an artist collective out of DC doing fabulous things to support indie hand-made design, including running their website which has a blog, a shop, and now a podcast as well. My work received BIG mention in episode #1 of their podcast, where they talk about the upcoming Crafty Bastards show in DC. Thanks for the kind words ladies… I can't wait to meet everyone at CB!

Oh, and just to clarify… I will not be selling any of my one-of-a-kind gallery works (aka the $1,200 pieces) at CB. The pieces I'll have are production works and new designs ranging in price from $25 - $175.


Kiah said...

i love ur work. my friend made me barbie arms earring because we thought it would be funny to wear. needless to sy there my favorite pair of earrings. when i was wearing them one day a gril told me that she thought that i got them from u. i said no. she told me about u and what u do with barbie parts and i had to see for myself. love everything. qeustion, has Mattel, Inc said anything to u about ur work?

heres a pic of my earrings. my friend now is making me the legs.*teehee*

Midge said...

Hi Kiah, thanks for your kind comments! I think my friend was the one whom you met…? she said she saw a woman wearing hand earrings and talked to her about me (this was a while ago though) Thanks for the pic as well, nice to see the chewed arm in there - I've been saving up my chewed parts to create a piece with some day! ;-)