Sunday, July 01, 2007


Smudge has returned from the hospital, fingers crossed this time it's for good! He was re-admitted after he was released last time because he re-blocked AGAIN two days later, which apparently is fairly common. We brought him home on Wednesday and so far so good as far as the blockage goes.

However, we're having some issues since his return with him urinating wherever he pleases - ALL over the apartment! Needless to say it's been driving D and I a bit crazy, but as the Dr. says, at least he's peeing! (sigh)

He has been walking slower than usual and it's pretty obvious he's still in some pain, but he's been very cuddly and I think he's happy to be home again. I just hope the antibiotics and anti-inflammatory are doing their job.

He's now sporting his new haircut… a "Lion Cut" as it's called. He really does look like a little lion being orange and all! Too cute. My dad would laugh himself silly if he saw him! Once he saw a woman on TV that had given her long-haired cat a lion cut and with the southern inflections in her voice she kept calling it a "Liiiiiiiiine cut" so my father would often walk around the house imitating her and announcing he was going to give Emma (mom and dad's cat) a "Liiiiiiiiiine cut!" Silliness.

At first I thought Smudge looked kind-of ridiculous, but now I think he looks adorable this way and I'll probably continue to have him shaved once a year. It's so much easier for him (and us) to manage! No more dreadlocks! And in this heat, I'm sure it's a relief to him. He feels like a soft little peach.

So that's the conclusion to the heartache that has been my life lately. It's been an emotional couple of weeks but I'm hopeful he's officially on the mend. Now I can maybe get back to the business of life as usual and start blogging regularly again. Thanks for your patience and your kind well wishes.

Happy 4th of July everyone!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE his furry feet. I do hope he's better and stays better. Give him a kiss from Scotland for me :-)

Miss Dot said...

and one from Mr Max and I in Australia! I love the way they did the tail, must get that for Maximus when he has his summer scalping as we call it. He has had the same things twice and the cut seems to help over summer, best of luck. You have him on special biscuits don't you?

Midge said...

Thanks ladies. Don't worry, this cat gets so many kisses he must think I'm crazy! You've dealt with the urinary blockage twice miss dot?! ugh, how awful. Yeah, Smudge is now on a special wet food diet for the rest of his life. How long did it take your cat to heal form the incident? I feel like this is never going to go away! He has been showing signs of improvement but also still peeing all over the house and licking himself constantly. Is this typical a week and a half after this kind of procedure?! Will he ever stop going outside the litter box and return to normal habits again?! I'm just a bit frustrated as you can see.

Bethany said...

I just discovered your blog via etsy...BTW your barbie jewelry is just the most clever thing I've seen in a while. I see you have a cat named Smudge, too!! Wow...I've never heard that name for a cat before ours. We have a black son named him Smudge because hubby is a painter/artist and he uses charcoal, thus he named the cat after a "smudge" of charcoal. Oh I do hope your Smudge is fully recovered very soon... I know the peeing everywhere would drive me a bit nuts, too. Poor baby, hope he's all better soon!

Midge said...

Thanks so much Bethany! How wonderful to learn of another "Smudge!" His name was inspired by a small 'smudge' of orange fur on the back of just one of his furry white feet. It gets a lot of responses out of people when they learn of his name - as I'm sure your Smudge does too! Thanks for your kind words about my work also. I'm glad to hear you enjoy my jewelry!

masaoms said...

Lovely cat!!! I have one too!! I hope all is ok for him!! It's really funny with this hair cut, i'm going to do it to my cat!!

boodely said...

What a cute little guy!
My cat had an emergency urinary blockage about 10 years ago and has been fine since. Wet food. No peeing out of box.

Your work is really wonderful!

Midge said...

Thanks for your comments! Smudge still hasn't healed and continues to urinate whereever he pleases all over the house. I think I'm going insane dealing with this. You're lucky that your cat healed properly boodely, I'm jealous!