Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Smudge, my goofy orange and white long-haired cat, had to be rushed to the emergency animal clinic in Queens on Saturday because he had a "urinary blockage." D and I noticed he was acting different… walking slower, getting in and out of the litter box without going, and hiding/sleeping under our bed without coming out. He started meowing a particular meow, the one that says something's wrong. Thankfully I know him so well I can recognize the subtleties in his cries. I can't even possibly convey how much I adore this cat. And how scared and upsetting the whole experience was.

Oddly enough, it's not the first time he's scared us. Last year, on the exact same weekend! I kid you not. The Renegade Craft Fair in Bklyn was going on in Williamsburg and after a morning trip to the farmers' market, D and I foolishly brought home lilies. We did not know the dangers of lilies and and cats at that time. Smudge had to spend three days in the hospital, having his stomach pumped and fixed to an iv. It was a horrifying experience. And now I feel like we're going through a similar hell all over again. This poor cat has been through so much, and he's only four years old!

The doctors at the Animal Clinic of Queens are taking good care of him though, and that makes me feel better. He's hooked up to a catheter and an iv and they are monitoring him to make sure he can urinate on his own and that there is no more blood in his urine. He won't be able to come home until Wednesday they said.

I miss him so much. D and I have been visiting him every day and he seems thankful when we're there to have a break from his cage and the head collar he has to wear to keep him from licking. He has been purring when we're there and seemingly happy to hear my voice and feel our love. I'm hoping it's relaxing him, at least a little. Seeing him like that, all hooked up and sad and anxious about his surroundings is truly breaking my heart. I just want him home.

So I know this post is a little off subject from my usual topics, but I wanted to share what's been going on for me personally. Between this and father's day, it was a really rough weekend emotionally. I'm thankful Smudge is getting the care he needs and will be home and better soon.


lara68 said...

Poor kitty! I hope he's feeling better soon.

Miss Dot said...

Maximus Catus (Max) says hang in there smudge, I have been there three times, it is a bugger but some of the nurses are nice to look at hey? http://www.flickr.com/photos/missdot/408605398/in/set-1210868/

Brandi said...

Hi Margaux!
I work with your brother (Adam to you, MAJ Lange to me) out here (lovely Iraq) and he mentioned once that his sister was quite artistic and made jewelry. Anyway, I googled you and found your website/blog. I think your jewelry and your blog are very creative! Very sorry to hear about your cat and I hope Smudge will be okay!
Take care!
:) Brandi

Midge said...

Lara, miss dot and brandi, thank you for your kindness! :-)