Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Signs of Life Pics…

I promised I would share images from the rest of the work I made for the Signs of Life exhibition once it opened in Seattle and here they are at last… (many thanks to D's Uncle Bob for the last minute photo shoot!)

Queen E. Necklace

The Kiss Necklace

Like Breathing Necklace

Alice's Moon Necklace

Red Lipstick Brooch

The Whisper Brooch

Smile Ring, blue

Smile Ring, aqua

Smile Ring, green


Miss Dot said...

oh my, your work is truly beautiful! I love love love the Whisper and the Kiss. I never cease to be amazed by your work, fantastic. Keep it coming. :-)

Midge said...

OH thank you for those kind words miss dot! The encouragement is much appreciated.

PS. Your resin pendant are really fantastic! And it sounds like airbubbles are just a constant struggle with all resin work eh? I've been battling them for years with the epoxy I use. ugh.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

hi! your jewelry's amazing.
i was wondering if you took overseas orders. like do you ship to the philippines or something? thanks again!


Anonymous said...

How would one go about ordering your pieces? I have a friend battling CF right now, and after two lung transplants (which she named Caroline and June) she is now awaiting her third...the one that will possibly save her life. She is only 21, and I know the Like Breathing necklace would give her a smile while she's in the hospital.

I'd also like The Kiss for myself.

My email is starfragment@aol.com

Thanks and keep up the darling work!

Midge said...
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Midge said...

Hello Toff and Kimber! You can now both purchase my work directly from my website through my etsy store!

Go here to see what's available in my shop:

Also, if there's something from my website that you like but it's not available in my shop please email me with the name and number of the piece (listed at the top of the gallery page) and I will check to see if the piece is still available through one of the galleries representing my work here in the US. Please keep in mind I can ship anywhere and am always open to cutom orders as well!

Anonymous said...

My friend passed away at 6pm this evening.

I only wish I had been able to give her the necklace before she passed. If I had known earlier I could have raised the money, or went in with friends. She was in a lot of pain, and honestly, made it through more than anyone I know could have endured.

Rest sound and free, Steph.

Your friend,