Sunday, May 20, 2007

a busy week

I've been absent this week as far as blog posts but it's been an incredibly busy week for me! We returned from Cape May on Monday night and went straight to Webster Hall in Manhattan to see LCD Soundsystem in concert (awesome show but surrounded by annoying, disrespectful fellow concert-goers, more on that another time) and then on Thursday night D and I went to see Andrew Bird and Joan as Police Woman at Webster Hall (again)… and being that Andrew Bird is one of my favorite favorite FAVORITE musicians of course it was an AMAZING performance. We missed Joan though, but thankfully we've seen her play before.

(Andrew, but not at the Webster show)

Then on Friday I left NYC again and am visiting with my mom and sister upstate for the weekend … I'll likely be posting regularly again starting Tuesday. I realize I skipped "thankful thursday" this past week so look for it this thursday instead.