Friday, February 02, 2007

NY International Gift Fair

On Thursday February 1st, Karen Robinson of K Style blogged about my work! You can check it out here. Thanks for the mention Karen!

On Wednesday I visited the Javits Center for the New York International Gift Fair trade show. My new employers, "Swallow", (yes, I found a job, FINALLY! part-time, but it's a start…) had a booth set up in the 'Handmade' section so I was able to check out the show as a guest for the day. I must say, and I swear this is a non-biased statement: Swallow had the best booth design, HANDS DOWN, in the entire show. Walking into their booth really set the tone for buying the work, the atmosphere was so well coordinated with the merchandise, without taking attention away from it, the way display should be. I suppose it makes sense given that they are not only artisans but also retailers and are used to displaying merchandise and making things look "put together." I must admit, it made me feel pretty good about working for them.

There was a lot of really wonderful jewelry in the jewelry section of the show. I even ran into an old MICA jewelry center cronie, Lisa Cimino. It was great to catch up with her and see where jewelry has taken her since we met at school five years ago! Very cool. Overall the show was inspirational and is sparking a fire in me once again to consider pursuing a production jewelry line. Working with Ria from Swallow will be fabulous because I'll get a chance to learn the ins and outs of creating such a line before committing to it for myself. Wholesale feels like such a whole other world to me (an intimidating one) for some reason.

More thoughts about the show to follow, for now I must get in my studio!

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