Monday, January 29, 2007

Tag! I'm it.

I've been "tagged" by the lovely Liana Kabel. At first I honestly didn't even know what that meant, but after a bit of research it seems my duty to reply. (actually it just seemed like fun!) So here are six things people may not already know about me…

1. I once met Richard Simmons in an airport and he broke out into a song from "Rent" the musical, right then and there. He had just returned from seeing it in NYC. I was very embarrassed.

2. I'm really into scary movies and crime shows. CSI Las Vegas is my all-time favorite.

3. When I was young and playing with Barbies (yeah yeah I know, I still do) I made up the name "Amereze Betrin" for one of my dolls. It's a name that has stuck in my family and periodically gets discussed at family gatherings. I have NO idea how I came up with a name like that.

4. I occasionally like to eat peanut butter and miracle whip sandwiches (thanks mom). Hey, don't knock it til' you try it!

5. I'm right-handed, except when I cut with scissors. It's the only thing I do left-handed, but here comes the weird part: I can only use right-handed scissors on my left hand.

6. I have two tattoos.

David Balogh… you're it!


LisaJay said...

I've got a weird-left-hand thing too, but it seems to be limited to party tricks. I can cut a deck of cards with one hand and can roll a quarter across my knuckles--both with my left hand and not my right.

I haven't tried catching pennies off my elbow in a while, but I think I'm right-handed with that one.

Oh--did I mention I briefly dated a magician in high school? :D


Midge said...

Thanks Lisa! Wow, good to know I'm not the only right-handed weirdo! ;-)