Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thank you Detective…

I wanted to send a warm thank you to the Eclectic Detective for mentioning my work on her blog on January 11th. Blogger LisaJay does a fabulous job scouting clever and interesting design - in all it's many forms. It's a fun resource, so check it out!

Also thank you to Mark Blankenship for the shout on his blog, I totally hear that which I frequent oh, pretty much ALL the time. Check it out for the low down on what you should and should NOT be listening to in the world of pop music. Mark praised my work as well as my best friend Kate's work on December 26th. We MUST all get together someday soon in this fine city!


Mark Blankenship said...

Hey Margaux! Thanks so much for the blog shout out. I agree: we SHOULD get together soon. Then we could be friends in real space as well as virtual.


LisaJay said...

Ditto from me. Also, I clicked over to Mark's blog, which made me want to start playing with music again, and then to Kate's site. I've seen Kate's work before and I love it.