Wednesday, June 09, 2010

staples, push pins and packaging tape

© Baptiste Debombourg

© Baptiste Debombourg

© Baptiste Debombourg

Have you guys seen these yet? My friend sent me these links and I just had to share. They absolutely amaze me (made entirely out of staples!)

© Baptiste Debombourg

© Baptiste Debombourg

The artist, Baptiste Debombourg, has a breadth of great work on his website, so go check it out.

Push pins more your style? The artist Eric Daigh has you covered. One part George Seurat, one part Chuck Close, one part office supply store awesomeness…

© Eric Daigh

© Eric Daigh

© Eric Daigh

And lastly, packaging tape on backlit panels by artist Mark Khaisman. SO beautiful! I really enjoyed reading the FAQ's on his website, you should too.

© Mark Khaisman

© Mark Khaisman

© Mark Khaisman

© Mark Khaisman

© Mark Khaisman

© Mark Khaisman


HaPpy said...

incredible!!! just awesome how this artist handle the material, and create such things !!! speechless

Margaux Lange said...

I know! Such skilled hands, utilizing such humble materials. All three of these artists just blow me away!

stephy said...

I'm swooning!

Pouya !* said...

the tape thing was awesome

ali maher said...

ToTaly No Comment :D

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Those are all great, thanks for sharing!!!

What are YOU thankful for? Come share a story and win a little thankful something!

Dave B said...

Truly inspiring. I can't even imagine doing anything with packing tape, it can be such a pain to merely tape a box! I'll have to check those faqs. I love em all though, another grouping using humble material ala Jen Stark, etc. xo

duckalicious said...

O M G, fascinating!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post and really interesting work. It is curious though that in our day and age it seems realism in the art world is worth looking at if it is done with atypical materials. If the images were maid out of paint, or tile mosaic would any one take note? Also what kind of dialogue happens between the media used and the subject matter? Does it matter if the faces were made out of staples, tape, or push pins? Or is it all about the quirky use of materials? Hmmm...just a thought. Thanks for getting me thinking!

Tim Timmerman

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

There are moments in ones life when you feel like you have just witnessed genius. This is one of those moments!

Unknown said...

I seriously want to go try stapling my family room wall now... ;)

abiggerworld, i saw a similar art installation at the MoCA in San Diego recently--by Tara Donovan.

Again--I love traditional media also, but I was blown away by the use of every-day items, just because someone else could see the beauty in these "boring" items. For weeks afterwords, I couldn't use a straw, or a paperclip, or a button without looking at it more closely and seeing the beauty in it. Or thinking about how many items together produces a unique "emergence" of beauty, when one alone does not.