Friday, February 27, 2009

Facéré's Featured Artist for March

For the month of March I am the "Featured Artist"
at Facéré Jewelry Art Gallery in Seattle.

I've been represented by Facéré since 2003, however this is the first time
I've been in the solo spotlight at their gallery… I'm thrilled!
Check out the show and get more information here.

I was featured front and center in their monthly newsletter as well which was a wonderful surprise!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Making Progress…

I have been furiously trying to meet my deadline for completion of the work that I'm sending to to be exhibited in celebration of Barbie's 50th birthday in March at crazy hip designer boutique Colette, in Paris.

I've only had one month to make the work for Colette, so thank goodness I had my assistant Ashley to help me out! I definitely would not have been able to finish everything I had aimed to without her.

Here she is hard at work…BIG thanks to Ashley for all her hard work and extra hours!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Press from Belgium

Goedele Magazine

February 2009 Issue

pg 118

…anyone want to translate it for me?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wood Jewelry

The above earrings were an experiment I finished today during the last day of our Wood Jewelry class, a two-day workshop I've been taking with incredibly talented artist Julia Harrison at the 92nd st. Y in Manhattan. Julia makes absolutely breathtaking, carved wooden figurative jewelry:

© Julia Harrison
She Who Hesitates
brooch in maple, gouache, lacquer, wax, nickel, magnet.

© Julia Harrison.

She describes her work in this way:
"I look for the stories being quietly told by human bodies: a child’s pout, a furrowed brow, a flash of cleavage, a clenched fist, a fading bruise. Our bodies express and illustrate our desires, needs, and concerns. We are our own ornament; my work draws attention to this relationship. Most of my pieces are hand-carved from hardwoods or fruitwoods, such as maple and cherry. I find wood to be convincingly fleshy and a pleasure to wear. It is smooth and slightly warm, and, like our bodies, can be bruised or marred by experience."

I first met Julia back in 2005. We were both featured in an exhibition at Julie Artisans' Gallery in the city entitled Body & Soul. When I heard about her wood jewelry class I immediately signed up because I admire her work and because I thought it would be fun to play around with a medium so vastly different than what I'm used to (wood could not be more opposite than plastic Barbie dolls!) It's nice to go out of one's comfort zone and just play.

I definitely would like to fiddle around more with the many fun techniques Julia taught us. She was a fabulous teacher; a wealth of information, very thorough and forth-coming in sharing her knowledge and skills. If you have a chance to take a workshop or class with her in the future, I highly recommend doing so!

Check out Julia's jewelry blog here. Also check out her "sweet travel" blog, which explores another one of her many varied interests: sweets!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I heart my custom clients!

Custom Vintage Ken Head Ring
(with high polish finishing - a rarity for me!)

Custom Smile and Eye Bracelet
(yes, that's a lip and nose ring)

Custom Valentines Necklace & Ring Set

And last but definitely NOT least…
Custom Day of the Dead Skull Ring

I surprised this client with a quote on the back that reads…

"Death is beautiful when seen to be law and not accident, it is as common as life."

- Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What a B****

Valentines weekend was a great-time overall and I'm excited to have hit this big milestone birthday. I am SO ready for my 30's… bring it.

There was one big glitch in the b'day plans however: The Barbie Fashion show at Bryant Park which Mattel had so graciously sent me an invitation to. The only show we ended up seeing however, was the one on the stairs outside the entrance to the event.

After some issues with the trains, Dave and I arrived at Bryant Park at exactly at 3pm, when the show was to start, and were told that they were not letting any more people inside. "Full to capacity" and even if you had an invite, you could forget about getting in. Talk about disappointment! We hung around for a while on the off-chance more people would eventually be let in.

While it would have been exciting to see the show inside the tent, the show outside was equally as entertaining. It was an interesting display of how truly ugly the fashion world is, and I found it fascinating on many levels.

The circus comprised of an impressive array of dolled-up female and male fashionistas proudly accessorized in "holier-than-thou" attitudes, as well as rich white mothers in fur and botox, confused tu-tu clad daughters in tow. And then there was the power-trip security guard. (why is it always that guy? I guess he sort of has to be like that to get the gig, but still…) he obviously needed to puff himself up by enforcing his one and only authority in crushing the hopes of anyone who DARE attempt to pass.

I have to admit, his insults and sarcasm were actually sort of humorous at first: a 100 lb. fashionista would precariously climb the steps in her stilettos and attempt to prove his invisiblity and her importance by ignoring him altogether only to slam into his menacing face breaking the trance between her and her blackberry. "Do you know who I AM!?" she would demand, and he would simply look past her and snipe "nope, and don't care. You're not getting in. Buh-bye." but after watching this happen over and over, and over, it became increasingly upsetting how much he was enjoying this power. I had front row access on those stairs to a parade of some of the fugliest make-up, outfits, and attitudes I've ever experienced here in nyc and quite frankly, have little interest in getting that close to ever again. (A funny article about the over-booked Barbie show can also be read here.)

So eventually we gave up on the idea of ever entering Barbie's Dream House and instead traveled down to the LES to hit up THE best cupcake place in nyc, grabbed our dessert for later that evening and headed back into Brooklyn in time for our dinner reservations at Aurora, the restaurant I've been wanting to try for ages. All in all it was a lovely 30th birthday and Dave spoiled me rotten.

The etsy one day sale was a HUGE success and I want to thank everyone who participated on V-day, you're the best! And wow, it sure is true that everyone loves a sale!

If you're curious about the show inside, here's a little peak into what we missed:

Another Barbie Paris bound

In follow-up news regarding the stolen Barbie crisis: I decided to re-make the Barbie, but did not re-design a new one. She will be nearly identical to the first. I'll be compensated for the making of Barbie #2 this time (which I felt was important since I was not paid to make the first one.)

I have recently learned that the accessorized Barbie dolls will not be auctioned off in aid of a "charitable association" after all. Instead Mattel has decided they would like to keep the Barbies for their permanent collection. Which I think is really exciting (although sort of unfortunate for charity, hmmm…)

The Barbie dolls' next appearance will be at the THE BOX Trade Show in Pavillon Cambon/Capucines between the March 6th - 9th.

Thank you for all your kind words and supportive thoughts regarding the situation! It meant a lot to know so many people understood the pain and frustration of losing your work in such a way.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Just a Reminder…

30% OFF - ONE DAY ONLY SALE in my etsy shop starts at 12:01am!

Almost everything* in my shop will be 30% off for Valentines Day ONLY!
(*excludes one-of-a-kinds)
February 14th
12:01am - 11:59pm

This is a one-time deal (I only turn 30 once after all) so don't miss out!

Nary Manivong & Kate Cusack

My good friend Kate Cusack's amazing zipper jewelry was featured in up-and-coming designer Nary Manivong's fashion show in Manhattan last night. Debuting his autumn/winter 2009 collection, Kate's fabulous zipper pieces were used to accessorize the outfits.

I am so happy for her, I just had to share! Many congrats to Kate… she was the shining star of the evening! To read more on Kate's blog visit: Kate Update.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

One Day Sale!

In honor of my 30th birthday this Saturday, February 14th I'm spreading the love
with a really big, really awesome

Valentines Day Sale!

Almost everything* in my shop will be 30% off for ONE DAY ONLY
February 14th
(*excludes one-of-a-kinds)

Forget to buy your sweetie something for Valentines day?
Here's your chance to make up for it… big time.

Had your EYE on a certain necklace?

Been waiting to get your HANDS on some earrings?

Now is your chance folks!

If you check my etsy shop often, you know I never have sales like this, so whether you're sharing the love or giving yourself some love… take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I've been invited!

… to attend the Barbie Fashion Show at Bryant Park this Saturday February 14th (which also happens to be my 30th birthday) Woo hoo!

50 big-name designers have created life-size outfits inspired by Barbie for this special Fashion Show celebrating Barbie's 50th birthday during NY Fashion Week. The event will "celebrate the past, present and future of fashion, with Barbie as the muse."

The Designers Involved:

Alexander Wang
Anna Sui
Baby Phat
Badgley Mischka
Betsey Johnson
Bob Mackie
Brian Reyes
Calvin Klein
Carmen Marc Valvo
Catherine Malandrino
Chris Benz
Costello Tagliapietra
Derek Lam
Diane von Furstenberg
Donna Karan
Erin Fetherston
House of Field
Jeremy Scott
Juicy Couture
Kai Kuhne
Kenneth Cole
Koi Suwannagate
Lyn Devon
Michael Kors
Monique Lhuillier
Naeem Khan
Nanette Lepore
Nicole Miller
Norma Kamali
Peter Som
Rachel Roy
Rag & Bone
Rebecca Taylor
Reem Acra
Robert Best
Rosa Cha
The Blonds
Three As Four
Tommy Hilfiger
Tory Burch
Tracy Reese
Trina Turk
Vena Cava
Vera Wang
Vivienne Tam
Yigal Azrouel

Christian Louboutin has also designed a pair of pumps in celebration of the icon in "Barbie Pantone 219 Pink" (Barbie's iconic color) and the shoes will supposedly be appearing with every outfit in the fashion show.

For more info about Barbie's 50th Birthday and the festivities here and here.

I am still in shock that I've been invited to attend this show! Wow. Now seriously though, what am I going to wear?!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whoever you are, you should be ashamed of yourself.

If you find this doll or know anything about it's disappearance please contact:

Margaux Lange

so now the question is… do I re-create a replacement for use in all the remaining high profile photo shoots and events my Barbie was due to appear in following Prêt-á-Porter or not? They've "invited" me to do so… is it worth it?

Monday, February 09, 2009

jeweler swoon

It's not even Barbie's birthday quite yet, but already I'm feeling a little Barbie-d out here on my blog, so I thought I'd take a short break from that and share some jewelry artists with whom I am fascinated by these days…

First up is dutch artist Sasja Saptenno (a fellow Julie Artisans' Gallery artist) I'm enamored with her recycled rubber works and love how tactile her necklaces & bracelets are:                                                     

Next up, Glasgow artist Marianne Anderson. Oxidized silver, 18kt gold, garnet and pearl - ornate decorative works with a modern edge:And last but not least, one of my favorites from the NY gift show this season, London based jeweler Jacqueline Cullen who makes jaw-droppingly gorgeous contemporary jet jewelry:

Jet is a black fossilized wood commonly used back in the days of Victorian mourning jewelry. It is very rare now-a-days. Jacqueline's work honors this ancient material in a truly fresh, contemporary manner. She skillfully carves the jet, and combines it with gold and black diamonds. The work absorbs and reflects light in just the right proportions. They are truly amazing in person (these photos don't quite do them justice.)

It's interesting to me that when presented together, I see the similarities in all three artists works, despite their distinctly different material choices. I've been thinking a lot lately about the type of work/design I am drawn to and this particular threesome I think best exemplifies my three main aesthetic tendencies…

Sasja: modern eco-chic
Marianne: modern ornate
Jacqueline: modern organic