Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My new ventilation system

Over the weekend, my father-in-law and hubby helped install my rockin' new ventilation system!

I ordered the "Place-a-Vent Model #FE-500" from this company out of Buffalo NY.

It's a massive looking unit, but it's definitely a much more efficient means of exhausting fumes than the in/out window fan I've been using for the past ten years!

My father-in-law cut a circle out of a piece of plywood and mounted it securely into the basement window frame. Then they attached a section of flexible hose going from that to the blower unit which rests on a support bracket attached to the wall.

I also ordered the "Gooseneck Arm with Magnetic Base" so I could mount the hood at the right height above my soldering tray and also be able to move it as needed. I use a stainless steel Ikea table top for my soldering table and the magnetic arm did stick to the surface OK, however, I added a square of thin mild steel that I had lying around just to insure the magnet had an extra strong bond in case my table shakes or moves at all (since its actually rather lightweight.)

After a trial run giving it a good shove, the arm did break free of it's magnetic bond so I may even add a strap to the wall that can be easily unhooked as needed, just for extra added support. I definitely don't want the thing to come crashing down onto my torches!

We kept the heat resistant flexible hose (aka: the gigantic elephant trunk) a bit loose/long so that it could easily move from above my soldering station over to the table on the left where my resin station is located.

I placed another sheet of mild steel on that table for the magnetic gooseneck arm to adhere to.

After giving the unit a proper test run, I have to say, this baby really SUCKS! (which is exactly what it's supposed to do of course) Haha, but seriously though, if any of you metalsmiths out there are looking for an all-inclusive exhaust system to buy for your studio because you're too lazy to spend the time and energy DIY-ing one for yourself like I was, this unit is for you. It's awesome. It comes with everything you need (minus the gooseneck arm) and ready to install. Here's to good health and insuring clean air in my studio for the remainder of my jewelry career!


Marie said...

Thanks for sharing your ventilation solution, it's like you read my mind! I've been looking for an affordable way to add ventilation to my studio and was confused! This is a great option!


Julie Brown said...

I echo what Marie says. Very timely info for me - thanks for sharing! I've been using an in/out window fan, too, and it just isn't cutting it.

Alex Linkert said...

very smart system here

Margaux Lange said...

Glad this was helpful for you guys! It really is a great set up. I'm super happy with it.

Sara Kratzer said...

Thank you so much!!!! I've been trying to figure out a way to vent my basement studio....and this solves all my problems! And it looks easy to install! :)

Staci Severns said...

That looks hilariously like a gigantic elephant trunk! I hope you posted some photos or videos of it in action for us to see. But, just by looking at it, I bet it really does “suck!” :) This is a pretty good choice for people who want to keep their workspaces well ventilated to ensure a safe working environment.