Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I heart podcasts

One of my favorite tweets came from Rachel of Red Prairie Press: "In my studio, time is measured by @ThisAmericanLife 's not hours."

So true. I've spent many-a-workday magically swept away into podcast-land, hunched over my jeweler's bench, only to look up and suddenly realize: it's gotten dark outside and whoa… I've just listened to 5 consecutive This American Life episodes in a row.

Today I thought it might be fun to share a listing of all the podcasts I like to measure my studio time with. (quick disclosure here: I'm an unabashed liberal and a bit of a public radio addict so a lot of these come from NPR and it's affiliates…)

1. This American Life: seriously, who doesn't listen to this one, right? Ira Glass makes my heart swoon.

2. Radiolab: a "life science" podcast for the every-man/woman. An exploration into life's big questions, ideas and science, always presented in an engaging manner. Really worth checking out if you haven't!

3. Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen: a closer look at pop culture and the Arts. An all-time fave of mine.

4. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me: Weekly NPR news quiz show. Always entertaining, hilarious and informative, another all-time fave.

5. 51 Percent: A podcast about women. Not didactic feminist propaganda, just solid information ranging from political issues, women's health, to women and money, etc.

6. Real Time with Bill Maher: Bill has always been my guilty pleasure.

7. The Moth: Features people telling stories live on stage without notes on a huge range of topics. Very entertaining!

8. The Media Project : A weekly discussion of news/media related content. Alan Chartock may be a bit pompous in his delivery, but I do often tend to side with his ideals.

9. The Health Show : A weekly discussion of all things health related.

10. Fresh Air : Host Terry Gross, favorite interviewer of all time. I love to catch this show via podcast so I can download just the interviews I'm really interested in listening to.

11. Planet Money: Making sense of our global economy, the information is presented in a way even I can understand (for the most part.)

12. TED Talks: Just as they say, "Ideas Worth Spreading." Recorded from annual TED conferences. Engaging and forward thinking individuals presenting a range of ideas on stage live.

13. Selected Shorts: short fiction read by actors. This one is hit or miss for me but I still give it a go every now and then.

14. WhaleyStudios: Jay Whaley interviews interesting metal artists/jewelers, "famous" amongst our little world of art jewelry.

You can subscribe to all of these podcasts via itunes. OK, now it's your turn! What podcasts are you listening to?


arthur hash said...

You already mentioned most of the ones that I listen to. I will also spare you the tech/nerdy stuff but...I got some good ones for you!
These totally changed my studio experience.


1. Stuff you should know.
Its the best!!

2. The Splendid table

3. the dinner party download

4. Garden fork

Margaux Lange said...

Thanks for the suggestions Arthur! I'll definitely check them out!