Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Celebrating 70 in Ornament Magazine

There is a fabulous four page spread in the latest issue of Ornament Magazine (volume 33 No. 5) which features an article about Karen Lorene and this past summer's Celebrating 70 Exhibition at Facéré Jewelry Art Gallery in Seattle, WA. A photo of each jewelry piece created by the 70 artists invited to participate in the exhibition (including yours truly) can be seen in the Ornament article. I was thrilled to discover that my piece, Breast to Breast Brooch: Homage to Ruth Handler received special mention closing out the end of the article. It reads:

"Margaux Lange distilled her idea for the year 2002 to seven pink plastic orbs buzzed into what appears to be an abstract brooch. The orbs actually are pink plastic Barbie doll breasts. Breast to Breast: Homage to Ruth Handler, commemorates the extraordinary careers of Ruth Handler (1916 - 2002), the woman who not only invented the Barbie doll, but who, after her own mastectomy, went on to found a company that made prosthetic breasts for cancer survivors. Lange wrote, "Handler made an immeasurable impact on the lives of younger girls and older women. I felt that was worth honoring."

Breast to Breast Brooch: Homage to Ruth Handler
© Margaux Lange 2010.
photo by Cole Rodger

page 56

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page 57

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