Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Studio Tour

This past Sunday on October 24th, I hosted a studio tour at my house/studio for the FIT jewelry student club. The lovely Sarah Abramson organized the day trip event from NYC to Beacon. She asked if I would mind sharing my space with the students, talking to them about my work, my studio, and how this came to be my career… I was happy to do so!

Since my studio is located in a small bedroom on the 2nd floor of our home, I took the students upstairs in groups of 4 and talked with each for about 15 min or so. They asked wonderful questions. It was great to share my work with them and talk about how I run my business.

I had a wholesale order in-process that happened to be out on a tray so it was nice to be able to show them that as an example of how a typical production order is processed.

I also had several one-of-a-kind pieces on display downstairs for the groups that were waiting to come upstairs. And my wonderfully supportive husband Dave set up a slide show on the TV in our living room of images from my website as well.

I was particularly struck by the spirited enthusiasm of the students. Their positive energy definitely gave me a jolt, reminding me how much I love what I do. All in all it was a great day, and I feel like I benefited as much from the experience as (I hope) the students did.

It's funny, when you work alone at home - day in and day out - it's easy to forget how far you've come. We all start somewhere. Talking with the students reminded me how important it is to pay it forward and share my experience with others. Even if I haven't reached all of my goals just yet, I'm quite a ways from where I began which means I have insights I can share.

(group shot in the backyard - thanks Dave!)

In other exciting/related news… amongst the group that day there was a New Paltz student named Kait, who will soon be starting an internship with me to help me through the holiday season this year. SO exciting!!


Miss Dot said...

oh what an experience good on you for sharing. wow, I my studio is 2.5m by 1.9m so I would have to take the students in .5 of a student!! HAHAHA

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