Friday, August 06, 2010

Reasons to be Pretty

Smile & Eye Bracelet © Margaux Lange
Photo © Azad.

A designer for the Tempe, AZ theatre company, Stray Cat Theatre contacted me recently about using a photo of my Smile & Eye Bracelet for their seasonal postcard announcing Reasons to be Pretty a play by Neil LaBute, directed by April Miller. I was more than happy to provide the image. (You never know what an unlikely connection/opportunity could lead to!) An ad for my website will also be appearing in the playbill.

From the Stray Cat Theatre website:

"A love story about the near impossibility of love, REASONS TO BE PRETTY introduces us to Greg, who really, truly adores his girlfriend, Steph. Unfortunately, he also thinks she has a few physical imperfections, and when he casually mentions them, all hell breaks loose. A hopelessly romantic drama about the hopelessness of romance, REASONS TO BE PRETTY has been celebrated as some of the freshest and most illuminating American dialogue to be heard anywhere these days… a fresh take on the eternal matter of achieving adulthood."

My interest in this play has been officially peaked. Have you gone to see this play? If so, I'd love to hear what you thought of it! Many thanks to Cameo Hill and Stray Cat Theatre for the opportunity.


Jean said...

M thats fantastic! I really like this play and I think that your piece is a great representation for the show.


ps~ If Neil LaBute gets in contact with you, give him my info ;)

Katherine said...

What a great opportunity!

Wicked Halo said...

Exciting, congrats! The play's story actually makes me think of LaBute's flic "The Shape of Things" with Rachel Weisz, all very beauty obcessed!

Jane-Michael, Crafter Extraordinaire. said...

What an exciting avenue for publicity! Congrats.